8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Cats ...

I like cats, I really do. I like all creatures for that matter. However, I see myself as more of a dog person. A big dog person. I’m not too much into the small dogs. I have had many cats and many dogs, so I am talking from experience here. While one could argue that cats are better, like they clean themselves, I can argue that dogs stay on the ground, so you know where they have been – the cat travels and puts his paws everywhere, so you never know where those paws have been. One may also say that cats don’t eat feces, but I’ll say they eat rats. There’s two sides to everything and right now, I’m going to give 9 reasons why dogs are better than cats in my opinion …

8. Dogs Are Obedient

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Yes, you can teach a cat tricks, but I believe dogs are more obedient. You can teach them to sit, lie down, walk on a leash or anything else. Dogs are very loyal friends and are smart.

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