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Candles are fantastic for a number of reasons. They're one of the most versatile items of home décor you can find. I've always been a huge fan of candles, and I always try to turn other people onto them as well. There are all kinds of new innovations in scents and hot oils and flameless candles and things like that – and they're great, but they can't beat a real candle. To highlight the its versatility, see what you think about these 8 reasons to use candles.

1. Setting the Mood

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You can set all kinds of moods with candles. Some tea candles around the bathtub, some scented candles in the bedroom, or some tapered candles on the table can all set a romantic mood. You can set spooky moods and mysterious moods and all kinds of other moods, simply by lighting up a wick! What else can do that?

2. Celebrating

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Naturally, candles can be extremely celebratory. After all, what else do we put on birthday and anniversary cakes? A candle doesn't have to be scented to be useful. Celebratory candles are all kinds of fun. Speaking from experience, however, if you ever put any of those trick candles that won't blow out on a friend's birthday cake, she's going to be very perturbed at you for the rest of the party.

3. Scent Sensation

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There are, however, candles that smell excellent. I mean, there are candles that smell so divine, they can lift your mood or make you get hungry. And you don't necessarily have to burn them to benefit from their aromas. On the contrary, as one of our readers pointed out, you can place a candle on a heater, a radiator, a hot plate, or what have you. The wax still gets warm and releases its scent.

4. A Light in the Dark

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If you've ever had the power go out knows about this benefit. Even when you don't have batteries for a flashlight or a lantern, you likely have candles. They can provide all the illumination you need – and thus can keep you from going batty in the dark. It's always a good idea to keep candles at hand for this purpose, especially in winter and spring.

5. Decoration

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Candles also make great decorations. A candle of the right color can go with your home décor, for example, and make a great splash. You can set them anywhere, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or living room. Talk about some serious versatility!

6. Awesome Accessories

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Candles are also great accessories, even if you don't burn them. You can put tea candles and other small, decorative candles in sconces that go up on the wall. These layouts can be really pretty, especially when paired with pictures and things.

7. Aromatherapy

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Aromatherapy candles are amazing when it comes to helping you relax. You don't even need an actual aromatherapy candle, although it will certainly help. However, lighting a regular candle, in a scent that soothes you, while you are taking a bath or a nap can do just as much good.

8. Wellness

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My mother has always prescribed to this, and whether it's medically true or not, I know it always makes me feel better. Basically, burning a candle while you are sick will help burn the sickness out. According to my great-grandmother, who passed it down, it has something to do with purifying the air. I don't know if that's true or not, but like say, it's always worked in my family.

Candles can do so much, yet they're such simple things. That's the way it goes, though: usually the simplest things are the most rewarding. What do you like to do with candles?

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