8 Reasons to Eat More Vegetables ...

I’m glad I don’t need to be encouraged to eat lots of vegetables. I love them! I could easily eat nothing but veggies and skip the pasta, potatoes, and meat completely. If you have someone in your life that is against veggies, then see if these 8 reasons to eat more vegetables will provoke them to think differently. You never know maybe they just need a little prod towards making a change in their veggie-less diet.

8. To Add More Fiber to Your Diet

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Raw vegetables are an excellent source of fiber. Sure, there are plenty of other sources of fiber, but I think veggies taste much better than bran cereal or a powdered mix that has to be added to water. A cup of cooked peas has more fiber than a cup of pearled barely or whole-wheat spaghetti. One cup of cooked sweet corn has more fiber than a cup of brown rice and twice as much as a slice of multigrain bread.

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