8 Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids ...

I think that many of the 8 reasons not to hit your kids that I’ve listed below should be common sense. Kids are so precious and delicate as well. They are to be taught the wonders of the world and shouldn’t have to fear their parents. There is already so much going on for them to have to worry about later on in life. Childhood should be synonymous with happiness.

8. It Sends the Message That Hitting is Okay

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Snell

Children who are hit often become hitters themselves. They tend to think that the solution to a situation is to hit the person causing the problem. I’ve seen parents who tell their child to quit hitting another child as they are in the process of hitting their own child. I always thought this was sending mixed signals. How can you tell a child not to hit when you are hitting them? Parents are supposed to be role models.

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