8 Reasons ANTM Makes Me Sad ...

As I've said many times, I really do love America's Next Top Model. I've been a fan since the first season. However, there are things that have changed that I don't really like. They are just little irksome things, but I decided to get them off my chest. Here are 8 reasons ANTM makes me sad...

1. No More Janice

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Janice Dickinson was mean, full of herself, socially awkward (or else completely indifferent), and often completely inappropriate – and I miss her. She was brutal but she was honest. Paulina was brutal too but she wasn't nearly as obnoxiously charming as Janice. Paulina was plain obnoxious and snarky, and I wonder if some of that wasn't jealousy. Paulina's departure makes me happy, but Janice's still makes me sad.

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