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I have 8 Q&A’s on relationships. Do you know what is great? These questions are real. Many come to me for advice and I give them my answer. However, for the sake of the person, I am not going to post any names on here. This is going to be an interesting post!

8. Question: My Boyfriend Never Wants to Cuddle, is This Something I Should Worry about?

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Answer: No, not exactly. Sometimes, guys just aren’t cuddly creatures. However, if you have asked him to cuddle with you and he won’t do it, then he is ignoring your needs.

7. Question: What is the One Word Most Men Love to Hear after They Have Sex?

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Answer: Personally, I think the one word men would love to hear after they have sex is “wow.”

6. Question: is It Okay to Be in a Relationship with a Married Man?

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Answer: Are you seriously asking me this question? No, it is never okay to be in a relationship with a married man, no matter what!

5. Question: is It Okay to Date a Guy That is 20 Years Older?

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Answer: As long as you feel comfortable with the guy, then I do not see any reason why age should get in the way (as long as you are 18 years old and above).

4. Question: How Can I Be Noticed by a Guy in My Class?

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Answer: Just be yourself. Never try to be someone that you aren’t. Try striking up a conversation with him on a topic that you know he likes (make sure you know about the topic as well). And always be sure to look your best when you are around him. Also, guys love self confidence, but don’t let the self confidence make you look snooty.

3. Question: My Husband Has an Alcohol Addiction, What Should I do?

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Answer: First of all, you should not point fingers and blame him. Sit down and talk with him. Tell him to look at how it is hurting not only himself, but the people around him. If you do not feel comfortable talking to him, then write it in a letter. Make sure he knows that you are there to support him one hundred percent. There are also rehab clinics that will help people like your husband. They just have to be willing to get help.

2. Question: How do I Tell My Parents I Want to Have Sex without Them Going Overboard?

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Answer: Some teenagers (even adults) find it embarrassing to talk about sex, let alone, talk about sex to their parents. Many parents are useful and full of advice. You may be surprised to find just how supportive your parents are. If you think your parents will freak out, you may want to leave the discussion until you think both you and your parents are ready for it. In the meantime, you can turn to another adult that you trust. This will allow you the opportunity to rehearse what to say to your parents.

1. Question: My Boyfriend Gets Upset That at Times, My Vagina is Looser than Others. He is under the Impression That I Am Cheating on Him, but I’ve Been Faithful

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Answer: When the woman is not sexually aroused, their vaginas aren’t as elastic. The more excited the woman gets, the more elastic (looser) the vagina gets. When she is less aroused, to a man, she may feel tighter. Certain drugs can also make your vagina feel dry, which will make it feel tighter. In different positions, it may feel tighter.

There you have 8 Q&A’s on relationships. It was a pleasure to share these questions and my answers with you. If you need any advice, please feel free to ask me. What is bothering you in your current relationship?

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