8 Pretty Table Lamps ...

Floor lamps and table lamps cast a soft glow in a room, much more flattering than an overhead light. They’re useful in bedrooms and living rooms, where more directional light, for activities like reading, are done. And just the right table lamp can add a pop of color, or a touch of whimsy, to a room’s décor, so I’m always on the lookout for just the right light. I’ve found some very pretty table lamps at one of my favorite home good stores, and here they are! Here are 8 pretty table lamps.

1. Hippity-Hop Lamp

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Price: $88.00 at anthropologie.com
This soft white bone china table lamp would be ideal for a library, or a child’s room or nursery. When unlit, he’s a charming little critter, looking much like a decorative statue; when lit he’s all aglow in soft amber light. Pair him with his matching friend, the squirrel, or alone — either way he’s just as sweet.

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