8 Pretty Pillows to Update Your Space for Spring ...

Spring cleaning is underway and with all the dusting and shining, you might notice that your home is starting to look a little boring. Something about spring always puts me in the mood to redecorate, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on a new room design. With a little experimentation, I have learned one little trick that can update your space in under a minute. Just adding new throw pillows can transform everything. It can change the color palate in the room and add new textures that change the way your room feels instantly. Here are 8 pretty pillows to update your space for spring. Choose one or combine a few to change up your space in a hurry.

1. Little Fish Pillow

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Price: 14.00 at etsy.com
If your room is bland and boring, it is time to add some color! Don’t be afraid of graphic prints or bold color schemes. This pretty pillow is small enough that it won’t overwhelm your space, but it will still make a big impact on how it feels. Graphic prints like this modernize your room and give it a youthful feel.

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