8. Restlessness

Nothing like a terrible nights sleep eh? We all love laying in bed staring at the ceiling until 2 am, counting sheep till 3 am, tossing and turning until 4 am, then dozing off just in time to hear the alarm at 6 am. NOT. While restlessness is a common PMS symptom, it's usually not a very dominant or long-lasting one. I've found that drinking warm tea or milk and making sure I'm in a totally relaxed state of mind helps. Talking to a close friend, family member or sweetheart is a good way to get your mind relaxed and ready for sleep.

If you've tried all this and nothing helps, you may want to talk to your gynecologist or family physician about what may be keeping you from sleeping at nights.

As I said before, if you don't suffer from severe PMS symptoms, count yourself lucky! But for those of us that do, sympathize with us! One thing to remember: Try not to take it out on those around you. No matter how icky you feel, it's not their fault! Evening Primrose Oil is an excellent herb sold in any drugstore or pharmacy that helps treat PMS symptoms. I take it before and during my period to ease pain and pressure. Try it out and you may find your new best friend!

Top Photo Credit: S.o.L.e

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