8 Places to Shop Online ...

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it can be accessed right from home. Who doesnโ€™t enjoy sitting in their comfy chair wearing pajamas and sipping coffee? I absolutely love shopping online. I find it fascinating how I can surf thousands of stores within an hour, locate anything I want, and then have it shipped right to my house. Iโ€™ve devised a list below of 8 places to shop online and not just for clothes, but a variety of goods.

8. CNET.com

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While this isnโ€™t directly a shopping site, it does point you in the right direction. If youโ€™re looking for a new cell phone, desktop, laptop, audio equipment, or any other type of electronic device, then this is the place to go. This site has tons of reviews on the latest products, gives each a rating, and then points you towards the site with the item you are interested in buying. I like knowing what other people have to say about specific products before I spend my own money on something.

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