8 Places Not to Use Your Debit Card in ...

Who would have thought that someday, you could get gas at the gas station without even having to go in! By selecting to “pay at the pump,” all it takes is a swipe of the card and you are ready to pump the gas. Today, debit cards can be used practically everywhere but some of these places are not the best choice. Let’s put the relationship, fashion, makeup tipsaside for just a moment and look over the 8 places not to use your debit card in…

8. Online

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Photo Credit: Rafael Saes

I know, I know, ordering stuff online is such a good idea, but by using it on the internet, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable spot. I use PayPal to pay for my purchases online and I suggest you start looking into this option as well. PayPal has this option where you can get a card number that can be used only once. Generating a card number is pretty neat and safe!

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