8 Pieces of Really Weird Twilight Merchandise...You'll Never Believe It!

Okay, so Stephanie Meyers had a great idea when she dreamt up the Twilight series, and the books are pretty brilliant. The films? Even more so...it’s a great storyline, and amazing eye candy too. So wanting some merchandise isn’t a crime...there have even been some quite cool twilight-inspired clothing around! But some things take it too far. Just check out these odd eight objects...

1. ‘Love at First Bite’ –the Twilight Cook Book

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Price: $14 at amazon.com
Okay, maybe some people can understand why they decided to make a cook book...but one this bad?! Not only are there hardly any pictures, but there are typos and the quotes from the book are a little off. The recipes include classics such as ‘Bellas Lasagna’ and ‘Harry’s Fish Pie’, and most of them have nothing to do with the book. The recipes aren’t great, and it’s like reading a child’s made up book...and come on, what on earth does it have to do with Twilight?!

2. The Twilight Bra

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I understand that women love twilight...but a bra?! I don’t even know where you can get this from, but all the die-hard fans have one! It’s an ‘average’ black bra with a twilight motif glued to it, and it’s very odd. Want to be Bella? Wear her underwear. Ew!

3. Twilight Dollies

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Price: $30 at amazon.co.uk
Twilight seems to be aimed at a target audience that should have thrown their Barbies away a long time ago, but they’ve bought out a Barbie range anyway...and if you’ve been lusting after Edward, here is your chance to get your own mini version. It has the same pale complexion, quiff, and even has a six pack...which is just a little odd.

4. Twilight Condoms

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Another very strange and very hard to track down piece of merchandise is these condoms. Okay, so they are promoting safe sex, which is always a good thing. But seriously, who is thinking about Twilight when they are reaching for a condom!? If anybody is, I think they need a new lover... And what exactly do condoms have to do with Twilight? Nobody has sex in these movies!!

5. Twilight Plaster

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Price: $10 at play.com
So when a new kids movie comes out, plasters usually follow. Children like the characters, and parents like the ease of the child not fighting having a plaster put on. But Twilight plasters? They are highly detailed, and they probably do just as good a job as any other plasters, but they aren’t very mature, and they are quite expensive for plasters. And the tin has that starey face on it...I’d have to turn it around.

6. Twilight Shower Curtain

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Price: $25 at etsy.com
I’ve never really understood the Edward Cullen thing, I have to admit. But, I find this shower curtain highly disturbing. He is staring at you...whether you are in the shower or just in the bathroom, he won’t take his eyes off you. Which might be sexy to some of you, but to me, it gives me the creeps. Maybe I’m just a little odd...

7. Edward Cullen Lifesize Silhouette

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Price: $25 at etsy.com
Yep, I find this creepy too. To be honest, I’d probably wake up in the night, think it was someone breaking in, and throw things at it...although I can’t really see the point of it. Maybe to look at over your boyfriends shoulder? Well, he doesn’t even have a face. It’s a scary, faceless wall decoration. No thanks!

8. Edward Cullen Underwear

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Okay, so these aren’t being mass produced, yet. But still, they are being made, even if its just to order, and they are a bit creepy in my opinion. I mean, having him on your underwear is a bit childish, and I’m not sure what the girl holding the apple would think of having her hands appear on your ass, but the weirdest bit? There. I don’t think I need to say anything else...

Due to the obvious popularity of these gifts, I have started to wonder if I’m the weird one...I mean, I loved the books and films, but I’m not obsessed with the man. And I don’t want him staring at me in the shower, inside my underwear or watching me while I sleep...and surely I can’t be the only one?! Let me know what you think!

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