8 of My Favorite Style Tips and Tricks ...

Nobody is perfect, not even famous Hollywood divas – if you don’t believe me, take a close look at their photos and you’ll see for yourself. Now, the reason why these ladies look so great is because they have a stylist to tell them what to wear. Well, I say we, the normal, non celeb gals, can look just as good and in some cases even better! We just have to know what to wear and how to wear it. So here’s some tips I’d like to share with you today…

1. Crooked Legs? Where?

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All the women in my family were “blessed” with a pair of X-shaped legs and a pair of big boobs. All except me, of course, I just got a pair of crooked legs… guess boobs were out of stock at that time. So, here’s what I do to fix my little flaw (yes… little - it’s not a big deal and I refuse to let it bother me too much, nobody is perfect)- I pick skinny jeans styles that are not too tight from the knees down and I wear strictly flesh color pantyhose -prints and dark colors accent the leg shape, revealing the things you don’t want seen. Oh, yeah, and the strangest thing ever – I try to avoid pointy shoes when wearing shorter skirts and dresses. Now, I have no idea why is that so, but I noticed that round toe shoes make legs appear more straight!

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