8 Oddest Phobias ...

I’ve always been fascinated by the study of phobias. I’ve often wondered; What came first? The actual phobia or the name of the phobia? I would imagine that the phobia would have to surface before it could be named. Here are the 8 oddest phobias I came across. There are tons more and they make for some very interesting reading. I think naming phobias would make a terrific trivia game!

8. Alektorophobia – Fear of Chickens

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Photo Credit: Krista Strandy

I could see how this fear could arise in someone who was attacked by a chicken when they were a small child. I have a rooster who occasionally jumps at me with his spurs out, but only when he thinks I’m endangering his two little hens. I’m not really scared off by my rooster, since he’s a short stocky guy and can barely jump up past my ankle. That’s why I wear tall rubber boots! Alektorophobia also refers to a fear of anything to do with chicken in general, such as getting food poisoning from eating it.

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