8 Negative Effects of over-Exercise ...

Initially, exercise is an unpleasant and painful chore. You won’t have any desire to perform any kind of workout any time soon. But once you do it enough times, you understand why people actually like exercise. However, you start craving the high and empowerment that working out gives you. Three times a week is no longer enough; you find the need to work out harder and with increasing frequency. You become obsessed with exercise and you feel like you cannot live without it. You think you are doing yourself good by working out the way you do. But you should realize that the sad thing about over-exercise is that it brings you more harm than good. Here are 8 of the negative effects of over-exercise...

1. Deterioration of Personal Relationships

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Exercise addiction leads you to isolate yourself from your family and friends. You miss out on social activities just to exercise. You don’t work out with anyone because your rigid schedule does not allow room for deviation. Your personal relationships suffer because of your exercise compulsion.

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