8 Most Annoying People in the Gym ...

Some people like heading outdoors for a run or a walk. Some like staying in the safety and comfort of their homes to exercise. However, there are some people who like going to gym to get their daily workout. Aside from having all those gym equipments at their disposal, there is also the social aspect of the gym to enjoy. However, like in the work place, there are people who can ruin the gym experience. I don’t go to the gym but it’s pretty much the same experience at the track. Well, except for a few personalities. Anyway, without further ado, here are 8 of the most annoying people you might meet in the gym.

1. He (or She) Who Reeks

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Photo Credit: Damien Cox

These people seem to have a faulty sense of smell. For some reason, they are so oblivious and do not know that they already have a bad case of body odor. The worst kind of B.O. that can waft your way is that sickly sweet smell that makes you gag. I wish that I could just walk up to them and offer them a deodorant.

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