8 Little Things Your Guy Should do for You ...

Ladies, whether you are in a relationship or just starting to date, there are certain cute little things that your guy should do for you just to let you know that he cares. Nothing too big or grand, like a night out followed by a shopping spree at Tiffany’s (although really, who would complain about that?). But, there should definitely be some wooing whether he has you or not! So, without further ado, here is my list of the 8 little things your man should be doing!

1. Send Cute Texts

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This one is pretty straightforward. An occasional "hey" lets you know that you’re on his mind... but sometimes we need a little more than that. Once again, it doesn’t have to be anything grand, just a cute little message to let you know you’re in his thoughts. If you get something like “Hey, I just wanted to tell you thanks for coming out last night and that you looked amazing.” You’re golden.

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