8 Household Appliances That Make Our Lives Easier ...

Aren’t the modern times just great? Electricity, technology, machines that get the hard or time consuming jobs done while we’re taking our well-deserved nap or do other things machines just couldn’t do. We are indeed very lucky to be living in the time when we have the freedom of choice and we do NOT have to wash our dishes or clothes by hand but we are FREE to do so if we want and have time to. Now, I’m sure you already have you favorite lifesaving gadgets so I won’t advise you where or how to buy them. I’m going to list the ones that have saved me a huge amount of time and nerves and I hope you’ll join me so we can make this list grow.

1. Washing Machine

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Photo Credit: Pikaluk

A washing machine has travelled a long way from its 250 years old ancestor, a manually operated wooden box. A more automatic version has been invented almost a century after that one by a man that thought this could be an ideal birthday present for his wife. I personally prefer jewelry or flowers but, hey, if she had preferred those too, we wouldn’t have had this lifesaving machine. I mean, imagine washing all your family’s clothes by hand!

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