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8 Hottest Cellphones of 2010 ...

By Britni

Technology is amazing. What cell phones can do these days is great, so much more than just making and taking calls! You can text, take photos, send videos, use GPS, listen to music, browse the web, check e-mail... the list goes on and on, depending on which phone you have. Are you looking to upgrade? Here are some of the coolest cell phones of 2010…

1 Sprint HTC Hero with Google

Sprint HTC Hero with GooglePrice: $99.99 after rebates and 2 year activation at
This phone is so slick! It has a great navigation system. With the built-in camera on here it’s almost like you don’t need your digital. You can take great high-res photos everywhere and anywhere!

2 Sprint Samsung Instinct HD

Sprint Samsung Instinct HDPrice: $99.99 after rebates and 2 year activation at
This phone has Wi-Fi capability, with 720p HD video capture. It’s like having a mini TV with you at all times. So you can watch your favorite TV show no matter where you are!

3 Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2

Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2Price: $199.99 after rebates and 2 year activation at
My boyfriend has the first Touch and it was a pretty decent phone. But this version expands the features of the first model. The battery lasts longer, and you can add more applications.

4 T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

Price: $149.99 with 2 year activation at
Android is making a come up, competing with the Apple iPhone. It has many features and a ton of downloadable apps! I love cell phone apps...

5 T-Mobile CLIQ XT

T-Mobile CLIQ XTPrice: $129.99 with 2 year activation at
This sleek, light phone has the android software. You can customize many applications to your liking with this device. I hate those Droid commericals, but this phone sure seems cool!

6 At&T Blackberry Curve 8520

Price: $99.99 with 2 year activation at
What I like most about Blackberry is it’s capabilities to allow you to have up to 10 different e-mail accounts. Also the push technology that comes with the e-mail as soon as you’re sent an e-mail it comes straight through to your Blackberry. Let’s not forget the Blackberry Messenger. Ever hear people walking around saying “Hey what’s your PIN number?” They’re not talking about to an ATM card. It’s so that you can chat like Yahoo, but on your Blackberry... so cool!

7 Apple IPhone

Apple IPhonePrice: Varies upon how much memory you want at
As soon as my contract ends I am getting an iPhone! This has got to be the coolest phone out, although it’s original release was in 2008 each year it tops the charts. Download just as many songs on this phone as you would your iPod, Safari browser, millions of downloadable apps. What more can I say? How many other phones have the iPhone capability?

What cell phone do you have? What do you like about your current cell phone? Is there a phone not on this list that should have made it? Please share!

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