8 Homemade Beauty Treatments That Really Work ...

Girls, we spend an absolute fortune buying face masks, body scrubs and hair treatments that promise to make us younger, healthier and better looking. But how many of these actually work? Very few, is, I suspect, the answer to that question. In fact experts agree that a lot of the beauty products we buy are little more than simple moisturiser and some clever marketing. In addition, store bought lotions and potions are packed with chemicals and hormones that might, ultimately, damage our health, so why not get back to basics and sample a few tried and tested beauty solutions you can put together in your own home?

1. Exfoliating Face Mask

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Image source: going-well.com

There are a million-and-one recipes out there for home made face packs and some of them aren’t all that great. I’ve found one of the better concoctions for you ladies to try out yourselves; this exfoliating mask with oatmeal, cucumber and avocado is certainly a winner. The avo is packed with Vitamin E, the cucumber is a natural anti-inflammatory and the will gently buff away dead skins cells when you take the mask off.

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