8 High Fashion Steals for Those with Serious Savings ...

I have to express my deepest congratulations to all of you ladies who have been good in the past year and actually managed to save in order to buy something truly special. I know for a fact that there are some really careful shoppers out there, who would rather have one, first class item than ten others. So, this list is for you – be prepared to see some expensive items that look just as great as the price tag would suggest:

1. Roberto Cavalli Cream Snake Bangle Watch

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Price: $412.39 at asos.com
Totally breathtaking, this watch will be a perfect accessory you wouldn’t want to leave your home without. The price is, actually, quite a bargain, especially considering the previous price tag of 762 dollars. Well, with Cavalli, this is probably the cheapest it gets. But, just look at it! Isn’t it totally worth it?

2. C’N’C Patent Leather Shopper

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Price: $511.01 at asos.com
Yup, yup, this gorgeous caramel shopper sure deserves it’s tasty description! Who said shoppers can’t be upscale too? I bet celebs have at least one of these in their collections! It’s definitely a good investment, not only because you’re getting a great multifunctional, branded leather bag but because its color makes it easy to combine all year round.

3. YSL Tribute Suede Sandals

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Price: $995.00 at net-a-porter.com
Nude is the new black and YSL… well, I don’t need to say anything about this name. Amazing pieces of haute couture marked with these three letters speak for themselves. I’ve chosen sandals in nude on purpose – that’s something that never goes out of style and, if you are ready to splurge on just one item, you got to make sure it won’t be too crazy to wear or soon-to-be passé. Right?

4. Tom Ford Butterfly-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

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Price: $420.00 at net-a-porter.com
Chic, vintage charm is exactly what a fashion-conscious lady needs and these sunglasses… well, that are just what the doctor ordered. Aren’t they? Check the black and white movies, if you don’t believe me, and you’ll see that they go great on almost any face shape.

5. Alexander McQueen Byzantine Queen Scull Crocodile Clutch

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Price: $9,750.00 at net-a-porter.com
Well, if you can afford this clutch, I’m seriously and totally jealous! Waaaay too expensive, if you ask me, but then, for some, this isn’t such a big investment so it wouldn’t be fair to let the price distract me in my plans to put it in on this list. Crocodile leather, gems, burnished gold, it all has its price and the McQueen label sure knows how to combine it in a way that makes us regular mortals start drooling.

6. Christian Louboutin Sexy Red Pumps

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Price: $595.00 at net-a-porter.com
Well, what do you say about these luscious peep-toes? I think I just fell in love! Gosh, hope my fiancé won’t read this, he already thinks I love my shoes more than I love him! But, seriously now, girls – Doesn’t this amazing piece of art make you feel all warm and fuzzy in the chest area? I could definitely imagine them on my feel! Just walkin’ with my head up high, leaving steamy footprints all over the place. Hot! Hot! Hot!

7. DKNY Stretch Silk Wrap-Effect Dress

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Price: $245.00 at net-a-porter.com
Isn’t it dreamy? And the price tag isn’t even outrageous. I mean, it definitely costs more than just any normal, everyday dress but even girls that haven’t spent the whole last year saving (and that includes me too), could afford it. It definitely pays out to have a glam piece like this one in your closet. In fact, this gives me an idea – do you think I could pass this dress as the “second wardrobe choice” for my wedding? Because if I think about it in that way, it’s definitely worth it!

8. Roberto Cavalli Gold Plated Onyx Claw Ring

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Price: $400.00 at net-a-porter.com
If you have a taste for unusual jewelry, I’m sure you’ll love this stylish and yet, kind of, bizarre ring. Well, it doesn’t really matter what others think of it because nobody can’t tell you what to do with your money. I, for example, like it very much! It’s kind of edgy, dark and deep. After all, who would be crazy enough to blow 400 bucks on something that looks totally average?

Which one of these items fit in your budget and which ones you’d like to have although the chances of ever being able to afford it don’t seem so good at the moment? I’d definitely pick those red Louboutins! No doubt about it!

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