8 High Fashion Steals for Those with Serious Savings ...

I have to express my deepest congratulations to all of you ladies who have been good in the past year and actually managed to save in order to buy something truly special. I know for a fact that there are some really careful shoppers out there, who would rather have one, first class item than ten others. So, this list is for you – be prepared to see some expensive items that look just as great as the price tag would suggest:

1. Roberto Cavalli Cream Snake Bangle Watch

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Price: $412.39 at asos.com
Totally breathtaking, this watch will be a perfect accessory you wouldn’t want to leave your home without. The price is, actually, quite a bargain, especially considering the previous price tag of 762 dollars. Well, with Cavalli, this is probably the cheapest it gets. But, just look at it! Isn’t it totally worth it?

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