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In this day and age, technology sure has advanced. Technology has brought us many great things, but I think we could do without the chemicals that are in our personal care products. There are chemicals in the soap you wash your hair with, the toothpaste you brush your teeth with, the perfume you use to smell good, the deodorant you use to prevent sweat and even in the food we eat. Below, I am going to give you my list of 8 harmful ingredients in personal care products that you should stay away from.

8. Diethanolamine

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Diethanolime is actually a common ingredient that we see too often. It will appear in body washes, shampoos, shaving cream and even in your child’s bubble bath.

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PABA is something that is mainly found in sunscreens. Pick up a bottle of your sunscreen and see if it has this ingredient in there.

6. Alcohol

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I know, I just had to list this one, because it IS harmful. I looked through the ingredients not too long ago on a lot of the stuff in the department store and nearly every single one of them had alcohol in it. EVEN the ones that claimed to be natural. It doesn’t make sense to use a moisturizer if it has alcohol in it, because alcohol dries your skin up and causes wrinkles.

5. Propylene Glycol

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Surprisingly, this ingredient is found in the antifreeze in your vehicles radiator. I say β€œsurprisingly,” because it is also found in moisturizers, hand sanitizers, deodorants, shaving creams and baby products.

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Ether is another one of those harmful chemicals that is found in products that you use. I have found Ether in shampoo, nail treatments and even conditioner.

3. Triclosan

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Triclosan is something that is found in hand sanitizers, bacterial soaps and even in toothpaste. It is used in so many products that it is now being found in breast milk. It is also linked to lowering the immune system. Children should not use hand sanitizers that have Triclosan in it.

2. Formaldehyde

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Believe it or not, formaldehyde can be found in nail treatments, antiperspirants and perfumes. We all know how dangerous this chemical can be.

1. Parabens

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This is a class of chemicals that are used as preservatives in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. If you look on the back of your products, you will more than likely find parabens listed somewhere in there.

There you have 8 harmful ingredients in personal care products. It is sad at just how many harmful chemicals we find in our products. Believe it or not, we even find harmful chemicals in the food we eat – this is why I think that with food and products, it is best if you were to go the organic route, but I know that for some, this can be the more expensive route, because organic stuff always cost the most. There are way more than 8 harmful chemicals that you can find in products. Would you like to give the readers another list of harmful chemicals to avoid?

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