8 Great Ideas for a Photo Shoot with Your Sister/s ...

I have a sister. We are not the closest of sisters since we are into different things and our personalities are not a complete match. I'm not saying that our personalities often clash but we have found a perfect way to love and find joy in each other. I will follow that sappy statement by saying that I wish, one day, we can do a proper photo shoot. It would be nice to capture the way we are now and have photos to help us remember our youth when we grow old. If you have a sister (or sisters), too, you might want to check out these celebrity sister photos for some photo shoot ideas...

1. Go Vintage

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Ack! How adorable are these sisters? Now I am not entirely sure if the dresses they are wearing here are vintage but they do look vintage-inspired. If this is a style that you and your sister fancy, you will have a wonderful time posing for your photos. Here is an even better idea: why don't you borrow some of your mom's old dresses?

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