8 Great Holiday Videos for Kids ...

The holidays are on their way, and with the arrival of this glorious season comes fun holiday music and great holiday movies and shows! Setting the religious vs. commercial debate aside, I am particularly fond of the movies and shows aimed at kids… they can be so much fun! Here are 8 great holiday videos for kids…

1. Olive, the Other Reindeer

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Olive is a small dog who, while listening to a news report on the radio, begins to think she might just be a reindeer, and she journeys to the North Pole to help Santa pull his sleigh. She’s helped by Martini, a recent escapee from the zoo, as well as a herd of other helpful friends. The bad guy (every story needs a bad guy) is an exhausted, cranky postman, bent on keeping Santa at home. The animation is clever, the story original and funny (it’ll entertain parents and kids alike), and the cast is wonderful (Drew Barrymore, Joe Pantiliano, REM’s Michael Stipe, and more). This is far and away my personal holiday favorite. I love it!

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