8 Gorgeous Wallpapers ...

I’m far too clumsy to paint a room well, especially when attempting to use a texture or pattern… I’m just not blessed with those talents. That’s why I adore wallpaper, especially in a pattern that’s truly unique. I’ll paper two walls, and paint the other two in a room a matching or contrasting color, or just paper one “statement” wall. But where to find the right wallpaper, something gorgeous, unique, and eye-catching? I can help… here are 8 beautiful wallpapers, unlike anything you’ve ever seen…

1. Paeonia Wallpaper

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Price: $148.00 at anthropologie.com
Available in navy blue or bright goldenrod, this wallpaper is hand-printed by Porridge and features a lush, stark peony print that’s sure to attract the right kind of attention in a room. Each roll covers 60 square feet, and is made in the USA.

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