8 Gorgeous Print Dresses I Love ...

Print dresses are set to be huge this season! From the subtle to the super-loud, they dominated the catwalk, and fashion collections are packed with cute prints. It’s a trend I love...effortless yet oh-so-chic, and it’s so easy to personalize your look, so whether you love the girly look or want to channel a more masculine style, there will be a perfect print for you. I’ve already started stocking up...here are my favourite print dresses so far!

1. Oasis Parrot Prom Dress

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Price: $109 at asos.com
I love this stunning dress…the sweetheart neckline is perfectly on trend, and I love the 50’s style skirt..it’s set to be one of the biggest trends of the year! It’s super flattering, and will look great with or without a tan…you can even choose to wear it on its own for a simple yet elegant look, or dress it up with heels and a statement necklace. And the parrot print? It’s gorgeous. The perfect mix of colour and cuteness!

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