8 Gorgeous Maillots ...

Think of all the reasons you’ll have soon to wear a swimsuit — spring break, mid-winter vacation, winter holiday, weekend getaway — and then take a look in your dresser at that old out-of-date swimsuit. Girl, it’s time for something new! Grab your favorite sunglasses and sandals, and head to your nearest Anthropologie store (or their website)… here are 8 gorgeous maillots.

1. Bathing Beauty Maillot

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Price: $278.00 at anthropologie.com
Truly, this maillot flatters every body type, flaunting the curves you have (with underwire support) and skimming over the spots you’re not so fond of. It comes in three fabulous colors — red, navy, and dark grey — and would look marvelous with a sheer linen cover-up and retro-inspired sunglasses.

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