8 Gorgeous Ladies in Jewel Tones at the Golden Globes ...

Ah, awards season. That time of the year when we live for red carpet photos and wait for cringe-worthy acceptance speech moments. That time of the year when we shamelessly copy the way a favorite star poses on the red carpet. Of course, she's wearing a designer gown while you just draped a curtain around your body. It's okay, you are not alone. Let's start with the lovely ladies in jewel tones at the recent Golden Globes, shall we?

1. Angelina Jolie

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She was the inspiration behind this post so it's only natural that she be number 1. How gorgeous was her Atelier Versace gown? I am not liking this style of hair for her (it bothered me while watching The Tourist) but the color is lovely. Of course, the presence of Brad Pitt beside her does not hurt. In fact, he is the perfect accesory.

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