8 Gorgeous Candles ...

I love candles for so many reasons — the romantic glow, the gorgeous colors, and of course, the exotic scents! But I don’t want to burn or display the same candles as everyone else, so I avoid buying them from Yankee Candle and the like. I prefer to buy candles from somewhere a little different… and you can too! Here’s my list of 8 gorgeous candles, all from somewhere other than Target or Yankee Candle!

1. Naturalist’s Notebook Candle

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Price: $36 at anthropologie.com
I love candles in glass jars because they’re usually so gorgeous, and this one is no exception! I love the rich, deep red color, exactly how I imagine a ripe papaya would look. If you don’t fancy red, try the green lily petals (green), lilac dandelion (purple), or white tea and thyme (blue)versions. All four are beautiful, exotic, and smells so good!

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