8 Gorgeous Anthropologie Dresses to Drool over or Sew ...

I have a confession: whenever I feel the urge to sew a dress, the first thing I do is check Anthopologie. I drool over their lovely dresses and then somehow, a design pops into my head. If you follow craft blogs, you have probably encountered one or two sew-ers who love to make their own versions of these dresses. I am guilty of this as well. Here are 8 that I'd love to "dupe," for lack of a better word. Now if you can't sew, you can always buy these. Prices are included for your shopping convenience.

1. Sun Shade

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**Price: **$158 at anthropologie

The color is pretty and will be perfect for spring. I have a hard time sewing sleeves so this is a perfect afternoon project for me. Great sewing options would be adding a smocked back. This way, you no longer have to add a zipper. You can also use fabric with blue stripes and call your version "ocean shade."

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