8 Good TV Shows for Kids ...

With Saturday morning cartoons being a thing of the past, there seems to be very little on television for kids, unless you subscribe to cable or have some other form of paid television. Iโ€™ve done some research and found that a few suitable kidsโ€™ shows still exist. Here are 8 good TV shows for kids. I think most of them can even be tolerated by adults too!

8. Hannah Montana

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Reruns of this television series for kids can be seen on the Disney Channel. Most people are very familiar with the concept behind this kidsโ€™ show. The story revolves around a junior high school student who is also a rock star but doesnโ€™t want anyone to know it. She wears wigs and changes outfits so that no one knows who she actually is. There is a lot of singing and pre-teen antics that go on in this series, which kids tend to find rather exciting.

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