8 Gift Cards I'd Love for Christmas ...

I used to think giving gift cards was lazy, the easy way out when you didn’t have the time to shop or didn’t take the effort to think of something more personal or creative. After receiving several hideous sweaters, an atrocious Mitch Albom book, and a Snuggie or three, I’ve decided gift cards are AWESOME! Now I request them as gifts whenever I can, including this holiday season. Here are 7 gift cards I’ve loe to get for Christmas…

1. Target LEGO Dog Gift Card

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Price: $25.00 to $1,000.00 at target.com
I’ve always kind of loathed the idea of getting only a gift card for Christmas — sure, the gift card is great, but it’s not a lot of fun to unwrap, or to play with. But this one comes with a little set of LEGOS to build the adorable Target dog! This would also make a lovely gift for any LEGO lovers or hard-to-shop-for kids on your holiday list.

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