8 Funny Bumper Stickers ...

I’m always up for a good laugh and spotting humor on the back of vehicles is a great way to pass the time while stuck in traffic. I like passing things on that make me laugh, so here are 8 funny bumper stickers for you to enjoy as well. You’ve possibly seen some of these on the back of cars as well. Feel free to pass on the laughter!

8. I Had a Life but My Job Ate It

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Photo Credit: Studiobaker

I can think of a few people who would go for this bumper sticker. The picture I saw of this bumper sticker had it placed above the gas tank on the car and there was another decal on the cover to the gas tank that looked like money being sucked into the tank. I think this bumper sticker and decal combo works well. I’m sure many people feel this way; they work to put gas in the car so they can make it to work the next day. It seems like a vicious circle to me!

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