8 Fun Ways to Get a Cardio Work-out ...

We all know we’re supposed to be getting twenty minutes of heart-pounding cardio four times a week, but sometimes, we just lose our motivation to get on the elliptical and just do it. We want it to be more enjoyable than just flailing around looking foolish! So why not get some cardio and have fun at the same time? Here’s my list of 8 fun ways to get a good cardio work-out… are you ready?

1. Chase Your Kids

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Just shout out, “Tag, you’re it!” and let the chase begin! A quick game of tag with the kids in the back yard or in the park, plus some somersaults or cartwheels for good measure, and you’re getting a great cardio workout. Do it for 20 minutes, so you’re out of breath and maybe a little sweaty, and you can skip the gym today!

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