8 Foods That Will Lower Your Blood Pressure ...

Food can play a vital role in the task of lowering blood pressure, due to the importance of salt and weight in the battle. There are a few ‘high blood pressure’ diets, but these can be hard to stick too, and it’s much better to simply adapt your own diet to meet your own needs! You’ll be more likely to stick to it if the differences between it and your own diet are minimal. Here are the foods you should include, to keep your blood pressure low...

1. Lean Cuts of Meat

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Lean cuts of meats such as chicken and turkey (with the skin removed!) are a good choice, as they don’t contain much salt or fat and will boost your protein levels. They will also keep you feeling full, and make excellent main meals. Remember to consider sauces and marinades, though, as some contain a surprising amount of salt!

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