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Florals are very on-trend this season, with pretty prints and bold graphics all over clothing and accessories… if you’re looking to add a little heavy petal or floral romance, read on! Here’s my list of 8 floral-inspired accessories!

1. Silvered Dogwood Cuff Bracelet

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Price: $32 at anthropologie.com
Not all flowers are brightly hued, boastful, and proud… some, like these silvery dogwood blossoms, are delicate, elegant, and demure… why not add them to a little black dress or bland beige work suit for a little floral-inspired flair on the lady-like, graceful side?

2. Vernal Festoon Necklace

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Price: $58 at anthropologie.com
A riot of sunny, vivid colors for wearing anytime, all summer long. Pair with dark, flowing skirts and a sheer blouse, or with an otherwise bland, neutral work suit. Or wear it with your best Little Black Dress to an outdoor late-June wedding… it’s rather like bringing your own posey…

3. Wee Flower Pot Posts

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Price: $24 at anthropologie.com
In mid-winter, no-one would ever guess your passion for the garden, but come summer, the tell-tale green under your carefully manicured nails give you away. So do these delicate, vintage-inspired post earrings, in three sea-side, garden-gorgeous hues (cream, coral, or turquoise).

4. Florist’s Pick Brooch

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Price: $28 at anthropologie.com
Add just a pop of color, a soft feminine touch, to any outfit this summer with a posey you can pin on anywhere. Choose pretty pink, tortoise-shell brown, or rough-looking turquoise — all three or unqiue and gorgeous!

5. Three Seasons Scarf

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Price: $28 at anthropologie.com
Winter is the only season without its own joyous, colorful floral celebration, but that’s no reason to forget the flowers… perhaps that’s why some are called forget-me-nots. Wear the colors of hopeful spring, blazing summer, or retiring fall all year round…

6. Rue Steinkerque Headband

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Price: $28 at anthropologie.com
Bow headbands are so on-trend this season, and it’s not hard to see why. This one in particular is eye-catching, a pretty way to hold your hair away from your face as you take in some sun (with SPF protection, of course). Choose from three colors, or pop for the entire winsome trio!

7. Rainbow Haze Bag

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Price: $88 at anthropologie.com
If you squint your eyes at that field of flowers, you’ll see something like the bright kaleidoscope of colors on this bag, all summer vivid brights. This bag is roomy, slouchy, and perfect for stashing all of your summer necessities… I love it!

8. Unfurling Sandals

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Price: $230 at anthropologie.com
Gladiator sandals are all the rage, but why not opt for something a little more lady-like, maybe these floral-inspired sandals? They’re gladiators, for certain, but they’re also taking part in the floral trend with a row of smokey, sparkling rhinestone flowers on the t-strap. Perfect for pairing with shorts, skirts, dresses, and more…

With so many gorgeous floral-inspired accessories, and so many ways to wear them, the only difficulty will be in choosing which ones to buy! (I’m going for the Rainbow Haze bag, for sure…) Which of these pretty floral things do you like best? Or have you spied another one you love somewhere else? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: Dior

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