8 Film Characters That I'd Love to Be ...

1. Lara Croft

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Rich, adventurous, has lots of guns, looks good in shorts and kicks ass. Plus you get played by Angelina Jolie.

PS No nitpicking and saying she’s a game character, actually …

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2. Simon Templar, the Saint

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Not that I fancy a sex change, but I’d love the Saint’s lifestyle. Suave, sophisticated and rich, the Saint gets to whizz off to all kinds of exotic locations, solving crime and righting wrongs. Has a nice line in quips, and drives a cool sports car.

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3. Catwoman

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Looking good in tight leather has to be even better than looking good in shorts. Also kicks ass. And you get to be played by Halle Berry.

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4. Lulu in Pandora’s Box

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I can’t say I fancy meeting a sticky end, as Lulu does, but Louise Brooks is just so enchanting in this film. That iconic bob, that luminous smile … I’m not normally one for remakes, but cross Lulu with Catwoman and you’d have one hell of a movie …

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5. Wichita in Zombieland

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I LOVE zombie movies, and this one is ace. All the characters blow away zombies with glee, guns, and whatever resources they can lay their hands on. Beats being a romantic heroine.

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6. Velma Kelly in Chicago

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I love the 1920s. Velma has a cool haircut (rather like Louise Brooks’), wears … well not very much sometimes, sings some very sexy songs, and quite literally gets away with murder. What a gal. Much more interesting than wimpy Roxy.

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7. James Bond

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About time he became a she though. Women can run around shooting baddies, driving fast cars and wrecking Moscow just as well as any man.

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8. Any Bond Villain

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I rather fancy having hordes of henchmen, a hidden luxury lair, and an evil smirk. In fact, I’ve always thought being the baddie would be much more fun. Unlike every other Bond villain, I wouldn’t make the mistake of talking too much and giving him the chance to escape my evil clutches. I’d just shoot him myself. Job done. Not much chance of sequels though.

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So which movie character would you like to be? Are you a goodie or a baddie?

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