8 Famous Doggies I'd Love to Meet ...

I was watching TV with my puppy this week when I noticed how much he loves seeing other dogs on the TV. He gets so excited, and even jumps up at the screen! Heโ€™s not usually very sociable, and prefers to have all the attention himself, so I was keen to see which dogs heโ€™d love to meet. Here are our top 8 famous doggies weโ€™d like over for tea...

1. Greyfriars Bobby

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Photo Credit: National Galleries of Scotland Commons

Bobby is the symbol of loyality! When his owner died in 1858, Bobby decided to guard his grave. And he guarded it well, for fourteen years until his own death! Bobby only left his masterโ€™s side to eat at a local restaurant, and in 1867, became the property of Edinburgh council, who decided to allow him to stay. He was such a cutie!

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