8 Exercise You Can do at Your Workstation ...


Not everyone can take an hour lunch break and head to the gym down the road for a bit of exercise. It isn’t necessary to have to leave the office to get some exercise. The following list includes 8 exercise you can do at your workstation. The nice thing about these exercises is that you don’t have to have a lot of time or any extra pieces of equipment to do them. See if some of these might work for you!

8. Toe Touches

Toe Touches

Photo Credit: giarose

This exercise always helps me to wake up when I feel fatigue setting in. Just about everyone has done toe touches at some point in their life, so most people know there isn’t much involved with a successful toe touch. By successful I don’t mean that you need to be able to touch your toes. My idea of a successful exercise is having one that feels like I’m actually working a particular muscle. All you have to do to perform a toe touch is stand up, lean the upper half of your body forward and extend your arm towards your toes. Take it easy when doing this exercise, since muscle injury is very possible when doing toe touches too quickly.

Lower Back Stretches
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