8 Everyday Dresses for Any Woman ...

Sometimes it seems like there are way more evening dresses than there are daytime dresses. It's easy to figure out what to wear out after dark, but choosing an everyday dress, whether it's for work or just hanging out, can be a little more difficult. I am pretty picky about dresses, so these 8 everyday dresses for any woman are more to my taste – but hopefully you'll like them, too!

1. A. P. C. Belted Cotton Smock Dress

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Price: $235.00 at net-a-porter.com
Tailored dresses are always great for a daytime look. I love dresses that look sort of like short, flippy little trench coats. This one has subtle checks, so it can work for the workplace as well. With a dress like this, you definitely want it to fit well – neither too large nor too small. It needs to be fitted, but not incredibly tight.

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