8 Embarrassing Gadgets Everyone Loved ...

I love gadgets. From the useful to the pointless but interesting, I can’t resist them, and tend to try out all of the new ones. Which means that I’ve bought some pretty rubbish devices in the past...some gadgets are just so great that you don’t realize how embarrassing they are until much later, though. How many of these gadgets did you own?!

1. Big Mouth Billy Bass

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Photo Credit: rbatina

I have no idea why these ever existed. I was bought one from a distant aunt, who had holidayed in Atlantic City, and saw these everywhere. She said she knew I liked gadgets, and posted it to me. I was always quite scared of it. Ifthe songsweren’t bad enough (Mine sang ‘take me to a river’, and ‘don’t worry, be happy’) the jolty action of it moving was...mine was quickly relegated to the loft!

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