8 Cute Ikea Items That Add That Finishing Touch to Your House ...

The day that I found Ikea may have been one of the happiest of my life. It has affordable yet stylish items that jazz up a home no matter what. They use so much color and variety, and you wouldn't be able to tell how cheap it all is. Ikea is great and I can assure you'll find something that you love. Here are my 8 favorite Ikea items that will add a wonderful finishing touch to your house.

1. Wall-mounted Headboard

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Price: $199.00 at ikea.com

I love this! It looks so nice with the blue and white stripes. When I saw the above picture, I wanted to change my entire bedroom. It's so lush and I'm sure the headboard will go with many other colors. It's just a wonderful headboard overall and could bring joy to any bedroom.

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