8 Cool Tech Products ...

There are tons of cool tech products that will be making their debut in the coming year. Because I am super excited about a lot of them, I decided to highlight 8 cool tech products that will be coming out in 2011. For some of them, you can't even anticipate what they're going to cost because the manufacturers are being uber closed mouth, but hey, you can at least dream, right?

1. Nintendo 3DS

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Photo Credit: HK-DMZ

3D is totally in, you can see that from all the movies coming out in 3D, not to mention the innovation of 3D TVs. Nintendo intends to join the revolution: at some point in 2011 (it looks like it's going to be March), Nintendo will be launching the 3DS. Clever, right? Nintendo DS, 3DS … get it? The top screen will be 3D, the graphics are supposed to be stellar, you can connect to Wi-Fi, and each half of the 3D pictures you see will have its own camera.

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