8 Comedians I Think Are Hilarious ...

I love to laugh, so one of my favorite things is to sit down and watch a good comedy show, whether it's on TV or in person. My sense of humor is pretty volatile, ranging from campy and cheesy to morbid and cynical. I think you'll see what I mean when you check out these 8 comedians I think are hilarious!

1. Mo'Nique

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I first saw Mo'Nique when she was doing the Queens of Comedy with comedians like Sommore and Adele Givens, whom I also love. Mo'Nique is by far my favorite, though, although I love her standup more than I love her sitcom appearances. I love her because she loves herself – and because she applauds and celebrates the beauty of fuller figured women. She is so hilarious – and quite beautiful, especially when she laughs!

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