8 Classic Make up Mistakes to Avoid ...

Getting make up right can be hard work...In an ideal world, we’d all have the tools and make up we need to create an amazing look for every occasion, but in the real world, it’s likely that we’ll have to make do with what we’ve already got. Which means we are prone to making make up blunders...here are the top ones to should avoid!

1. Wearing Too Much, or Too Little

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Photo Credit: Amy Dunn

One of the most common make up mistakes is not matching your make up to the occasion. Most days won’t call for full make up, which could make you look like you are trying too hard, and instead would suit a much more natural look better. For everyday activities, try just using a moisturizer, under eye concealer, a little blush, and some lipgloss. Then curl your eyelashes, and you have the perfect daytime look!

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