8 Chic Rachel Bilson Looks ...

Rachel Bilson may still be waiting for the role that will catapult her to movie stardom but until that time comes, she will remain a fashion inspiration for all of us. This petite starlet is always stylish and adorable. In fact, her fashion sense is a force to be reckoned with that InStyle has asked her to be a fashion editor. She also has a line with DKNY. While she may always look put-together during events because she has a team of makeup artists and stylists behind her, we cannot deny the fact that she carries style power all on her own. The following are Rachel Bilson casual looks that I absolutely love.

1. Gold Pumps for Walking on the Sunny Side of the Street

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Photo by: Fabsugar
I love how she paired her Philip Lim dress with a navy blue blazer. The stars of this outfit, of course, are the gold pumps. Click here to copy the look.

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