8 Celebrity Women Who Are Bisexual...Ultimate Girlpower!

Sexuality is often treated oddly by the media. Lesbians are often ‘sexed up’ for films and magazines, but real lesbians can face a hostile reaction. And bisexuals? Well, the press are either fascinated or disgusted. Media aside, however, it’s about time we celebrated the female form...how many of us slave over our exercise regimes and diet plans to look great for the Summer?! And whether it’s a sexual attraction or just an admiration, here are the eight stars who’ve admitted to loving women too.

1. Fergie

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Photo Credit: missdenise

Black eyed peas lead singer Fergie has revealed she is bisexual, and has enjoyed lesbian relationships in the past. She’s always been a huge admirer of the female form, and in their latest video she even shoots some girl-on-girl action for the camera. I love the way she’s bold! I love her stage outfits, too, and have you ever seen her looking anything less then perfect?!

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