8 Celebrity Lawbreakers ...

Some celebrities just don't seem able to keep themselves out of trouble, do they? They spend more time walking into courtrooms than on the red carpet. With every week comes yet another celeb court appearance. Here is the "A List" that no Hollywood A Lister wants to be on...

1. George Michael

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George has just capped a string of convictions and arrests by getting himself locked up for drug offences. Given that he's twice the age of our next celebrity miscreant, you think he'd know better... but no.

2. Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Where has all that youthful promise gone? Miss Lohan might as well pitch a tent on the courthouse lawn, given her frequent appearances there of late. Sadly, judging (sorry) from her dismay at being jailed for violating probation conditions, she doesn't seem to have much grasp of the mess she's in. Sort yourself out, girl!

3. Robert Downey Jr

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An excellent actor, who hopefully has finally learned his lesson. How many times did Downey get arrested for drug offences? I don't have enough fingers and toes to count...

4. Mel Gibson

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Dear old Mel seems to have lost the plot in recent years. Now better known for his rants than his acting, Gibson was caught DUI and served probation. No sooner was that over than he fell out with his girlfriend and allegedly left her abusive and threatening messages. This is as yet unauthenticated, but I suspect that Mad Mel's courtroom career isn't over yet.

5. Paris Hilton

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Okay, so I'm stretching the definition of celebrity here, but to add to her DUI, not for the first time the none-too-bright heiress recently managed to get stopped with narcotics. The excuse that she had borrowed the purse with the drugs in doesn't quite wash, given that she twittered a pic of the very same purse saying how much she loved her new purchase. Paris, you'll look lovely in an orange jumpsuit. Pity it's not Gucci.

6. Leona Helmsley

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You may not remember her name, but Helmsley was a hotel magnate who was famous for having said, "Only little people pay taxes." The U.S. Government did not agree, and Helmsley served a sentence for tax evasion. Known as the Queen of Mean, her case was notorious at the time, as more stories of her unwillingness to pay bills emerged.

7. Wesley Snipes

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Snipes was also convicted of tax offences and sentenced to three years, although has not as yet served jail time. Well, it makes a change from a celeb being arrested for drugs I suppose.

8. Naomi Campbell

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The notoriously short-tempered super-model has been convicted several times of assault. Weapon of choice — the mobile phone. If you see her with a phone in her hand, run!

Do you think that celebrities get preferential treatment when they break the law? How would ordinary citizens be treated for the same offences? Which of these celebrity lawbreakers do you still adore, and who did I leave off my list?

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