8 Celeb Ways to Look Ten Years Younger ...

Celebrities do not like looking old. Well, nobody likes to look old, but if you’ve got the money to put it off for as long as physically possible, why wouldn’t you?! I’ve always wondered how the older stars stay looking so good, but until now, I’ve thought maybe they buy a whole load of the face creams they advertise...here are the real ways celebrities look younger!

1. Focus on Your Eyes

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Photo Credit: DR. MARIΟ™

Your eyes will either make you look young and gorgeous, or old. Make sure they look great! From false eyelashes to sparkly yet subtle eyeliners, make your eyes seem big, young and fresh. Keep your eyelashes looking groomed too, and you’ll instantly knock years off, even if you wear no other make up and have messy hair. It’s brilliant!

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