8 Big Time Celebrity Breakups This Year ...

I admit it. I keep up with the lives of celebrities. Why? Because they're everywhere. Now, I'm not meaning this to be a snark post (at least, not exactly), because aside of being put out there for all the world to see, this stuff's none of my business – and a lot of these breakups make me sad. Okay, some of them make me happy, but I'll still try to be nice while talking about the 8 big time celebrity breakups this year. These are the ones that really caught me by surprise.

1. Sandra Bullock & Jesse James

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This one was horribly sad, and it came as a huge surprise. The timing was also terrible. Sandra gets so much acknowledgment for The Blind Side, and then sudden her marital problems usurp her performance. Jesse James was an idiot on this score. Or maybe that's just me, because I love Sandra Bullock.

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